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Unlock the benefits of our specialised components workshop

When our customers give us the opportunity to work on their machinery, they’re entrusting us with a major asset of their business. Whether it’s a dump truck, excavator, dozer, grader or even lighting tower, a bad job can result in a breakdown and majorly impact production and productivity on site. It’s our responsibility to deliver a quality, efficient and agile mechanical repair service to ensure we keep their business moving!

One of the ways we can deliver this is through Primec’s dedicated components workshop.

This is where our specialised team conduct everything from complete component rebuilds to OEM guidelines, to tailored repairs for customer-specified applications.

But what are the benefits of having a specialised component workshop as part of Primec?

Control over quality

By rebuilding components in-house, the workshop has full control over the quality of the components and the assembly process, ensuring that the finished product meets the highest standards and follows OEM guidelines. This means we can have full confidence in the functionality and longevity of your asset upon return to production.

Primec Components
Custom Jobs In Component Workshop

Improved efficiency

Controlling the component rebuild process eliminates the need to wait for parts to be delivered from an external supplier. The larger mechanical works can be scheduled around the return of the rebuilt components, thus improving the overall efficiency of the workshop, reducing wasted hours and getting out customers’ machinery back in production faster.


By assembling machine components in-house, the workshop can easily customise and adapt them to meet the specific requirements of a particular project, improving the quality and suitability of the end product. An example being when our team retrofitted the front wheel hubs on 24 Cat haul trucks to make them autonomous ready. 

Primec Component Workshop
Primec Component Workshop

Cost savings

Assembling the wheel groups in-house eliminates the cost of purchasing pre-assembled components from an external supplier, which also cuts down on freight costs and can also reduce the cost of labour as our workshop can take advantage of economies of scale. These cost savings can be passed onto our customers giving them a leaner solution without reducing the quality of components or workmanship.

At Primec, our commitment to delivering the best possible service to our customers is reflected in our dedicated component workshop and the expertise of our specialised team. Through controlling quality, improving efficiency, and quickly adapting, we deliver premium mechanical repair services to OEM standards. The cost savings from the in-house assembly can be passed onto our customers providing them with consistent, high quality and cost-efficient solutions.

“I worked with Primec for heavy machinery repair and maintenance. Their dedicated components workshop provided quality services that improved machine productivity. I highly recommend their expert team for their efficient and cost-effective mechanical repairs.”

George L

Maintenance Manager

Primec employee Craig Chidley

Craig Chidley

Business Development Manager

Repairing and rebuilding machines and components for optimising reliability